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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nominations for Excellence in Aging Awards

The Alexandria Commission on Aging, which advocates for the needs of Alexandria seniors, is seeking nominations for its Annual Excellence in Aging Awards.  These awards honor individuals, regardless of age, who have provided service to older Alexandrians or demonstrated superior contributions in advancing issues and projects that favorably affect older Alexandrians.  

The Annie B. Rose Lifetime Award will be given to an individual who has served seniors for at least 10 years.  A second award, in honor of Lois Van Valkenburgh, will be given to an individual citizen with at least one year of service to seniors.  A third award, the Excellence in Aging Award for an Organization, will be awarded to an organization that has made an outstanding contribution to Alexandria seniors.  The fourth award, the Public Service Award, will be given to a City employee who has advanced, improved or otherwise contributed to making Alexandria a more livable community for all ages during the course of their job.

Award winners will be recognized at a reception Tuesday, May 12 at 6 p.m. in the Vola Lawson Lobby in City Hall. For more information or to obtain a nomination packet, contact Debbie Ludington at the Department of Community and Human Services Division of Aging and Adult Services at 703.746.5694or via email at  Information, as well as the awards nomination form, can also be accessed at

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring means its time to get out and PLAY

Here are some of our favorite parks and playgrounds in Alexandria

Potomac Yard Playground

Jefferson Houston School Playground

Ft. Ward - great for running around, riding bikes around the loop, looking at the azaleas, picnicking and the small playground.

Beach Park near Maury Elem. School - great for cloudy days - it gets a lot of direct sun.  Great field for playing soccer or catch.

The Pit, on N. Overlook in Beverley Hills.

Ben Brenman Park in Cameron Station is wonderful for strolling and watching the turtles.

The playground at Polk Elementary School is pretty cool - lots to do for every age.

MacArthur Elementary School has some great equipment - different climbing stuff for different stages and ages.

Windmill Park in Old Town is great but can sometimes get a little too crowded.  We like to run through the old tunnel.

Blue Park in Rosemont has a lot to do and you can see some trains go by.

Simpson playground is a nice little park with gardens close by and baseball to watch.

We LOVE taking a hike or stroll through the Dora Kelly Nature park and the Winkler Botanical Preserve, both are located off Beauregard St.  You never know what you will see and hear.  Bull frogs, birds, bees, deer, ducks, and more. There are streams to play in, rocks to collect, and just all kinds of nature to take in.

Jones Point is another favorite place to bike to, watch boats and planes, and just have fun!

Hope you find some great parks and playgrounds and get out and play this Spring!

Emma's in Del Ray is hiring

Have you tried Emma's, the new coffee shop and wine bar in Del Ray? 
located at 106 Hume Ave. and open 7 days a week.

looking for part-time workers:

Check out the openings, stop by the shop and apply in person or online.
If you have more questions about the openings, please feel free to contact
them at