Alexandria Mom's Calendar of Events

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Congressman Don Beyer Tele-Townhall 3/1

I will not avoid you. 

Hearing your input is one of the most important things a Member of Congress can do. My staff and I are trying to host as many in-person town halls with as many people as we can. 

If you can't join our March 13 town hall "Know Your Rights" in person, we'll live stream it on Facebook and Twitter. 

Whether you can join or not, everyone is invited to join our telephone town hall "Your Voice" on March 1.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Community Lodgings Seeks Tutors for Middle School Students

Community Lodgings, a nonprofit in Arlandria, is looking for volunteers to help tutor some middle school students whom they serve. The students need tutoring in Math and Science to prepare for the upcoming SOLs. Tutoring will be on 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, and 5/13 but you don't have to volunteer for all four sessions. 

If you need more info, please email the outreach person, Sarah Foote at 

Hosted by: Community Lodgings, Inc. at 601 Four Mile Road, Alexandria, VA, 22305.

-We are striving for a 1:5 instructor-student ratio. We are trying to serve about 10 students per session. 

-The ages/grades of students served will be 11-14, or 6-8th grade. 

-Sessions will include practice tests on the computer or paper as needed, worksheets and other computer programs. Also some interactive games such as jeopardy, and review of basic skills with methods such as flash cards and review of test taking skills. All of this will complement work done in our free after-school tutoring program. 

The general agenda for each session will be: 

1. arrival and snack 

2. complete one practice test or test section for math 

3. complete worksheets based on the areas students need the most support on as identified during after school programming 

4. group-based interactive learning 

The dates will include four Saturdays: 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, and 5/13. Note: volunteers do not have to volunteer at EVERY Saturday Academy-- just as many sessions as they feel they can.