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Thursday, March 29, 2012

365 - Pretty

April Is National Poetry Month


April is National Poetry Month

News Highlights
  • City of Alexandria Celebrates National Poetry Month with several events and programs throughout April.
  • Invitation to Write Poetry with “MAPP (Mapping Alexandria in Poems and Pictures)”and “Dog Days of August” Projects.
  • Several literary activities planned: “Poetry Slam Alexandria with Shelly Bell;” “Poetry at the Meetinghouse: A Tribute to Jean Elliot (1901-1999);” “Poem in Your Pocket Day;” “Small Poems: A Celebration of Language.”
More Information
Amy Young, Alexandria’s Poet Laureate, invites all Alexandrians to participate in National Poetry Month activities throughout the month of April.   Schools, local businesses, libraries, and recreation centers will promote poetry writing and reading and encourage broad participation in the month-long celebration.
The City of Alexandria celebrates National Poetry Month to promote an appreciation of the written word in all forms, especially poetry, to emphasize the importance and pleasure of reading and writing with Alexandria’s young people, and to uphold and call attention to Alexandria’s reputation as a leader in the arts.
Invitation to Write Poetry:
Amy Young will launch MAPP (Mapping Alexandria in Poems and Pictures), a new poetry initiative.  Residents are invited to capture the spirit on the street they live on and help map the City through poetry, painting, drawing and photography.   A fall exhibit of submitted works and an interactive MAPP website is planned.
“Dog Days of August” is back for the second year.  Dog lovers may submit a poem (photo optional) in memory or honor of your favorite pooch. A “Dog Days of August” exhibition is scheduled for August 18 through 26. Poems will also be displayed in the city’s dog parks.
Artwork, photographs and poems for the MAPP and “Dog Days of August” projects will be collected from April through August. Send all artwork and poems to
Schedule for Literary events:
  • April 13: “Poetry Slam Alexandria with Shelly Bell”7 pm, Live Band; 8 pm, Poetry Slam, The Athenaeum, 201 Prince St.
    Free admission for the live band, open microphone and slam poetry night.
    For more information, call 703.548.0035
  • April 21:  Earth Day, Eco-City Alexandria10 am, Ben Brenman Park, 4800 Brenman Park Dr.
    Families are invited to write poetry about nature and the environment with Amy Young, Poet Laureate, City of Alexandria. 
    For more information, call 703.746.5418.
  • April 22: “Poetry at the Meetinghouse: A Tribute to Jean Elliot (1901-1999)”4pm, Elliot House Heritage Hall, 323 S. Fairfax St.
    Let’s come together to honor Jean Elliot, the first Poet Laureate of the City of Alexandria.  Featured guests readers are Amy Young and Mary McElveen, current and former Poet Laureates.
    For more information about Old Presbyterian Meetinghouse, visit
  • April 26: “Poem in Your Pocket Day”
    • Organize a park poetry reading with neighbors, co-workers and friends! Bring your poem in your pocket and celebrate poetry and nature. 
      For more information about Alexandria’s pocket parks, visit:
    • “Small Poems: A Celebration of Language”
      7pm, The Athenaeum, 201 Prince St. Amy Young, Poet Laureate will host the evening.  Bring a pocket –sized poem that plays with language. F
      or more information, call 703.548.0035
The Academy of American Poets has designated April as National Poetry Month to celebrate poetry and its ability to enrich everyday life. To learn more about National Poetry Month and the activities celebrated throughout the country, visit
For more information, please e-mail, or call Cheryl Anne Colton, Regional Program Director, Office of the Arts, at 703.746.5588

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TC Williams Crew Fundraiser 4/3

365 - A loved duck

continuation of annoyance - Spring Edition

Things I have found annoying lately ---- (all tongue in cheek!)

-Neighbors that feel they need to mow, use power tools, weed whackers, hedge trimmers etc. in the early morning hours.  Be reasonable, 7 am is just too early on a Saturday or Sunday.  8 is reasonable, 9 even better!

-The over use of yard signs for candidates.  Do we really need 50 signs for every candidate running for office in every median strip along every road in the city?
Besides the fact that they make it really hard to navigate some intersections.

-The crazy cheering parent(s) at children's sporting events.   They are just little ones and are doing their best, and learning to play and be part of a team.  It's just a game, full of teachable moments - children learn how to win and lose gracefully so please set a good example.  You screaming at the top of your lungs at them isn't going to help them learn this!

-The neighborhood teen (or twenty some yr old) who comes in at midnight (or later) with the music full blast and just sits in front of their house til the favorite song ends.  It's spring, everyone's windows are open, my kids don't need to be awakened by your music.  And we don't need to hear the conversations between boyfriends/girlfriends/friends outside of the care -  ewwwwww

Revised Draft Beauregard Small Area Plan Released


Revised Draft Beauregard Small Area Plan Released
For immediate release: March 28, 2012
On March 27, the City of Alexandria’s Department of Planning and Zoning released a revised draft of the Beauregard Small Area Plan for public review and comment. The revised Plan includes several changes, based upon feedback received from the community on the first draft of the Plan. Major revisions include increasing committed affordable and workforce housing units from 703 to 800 and increasing public and private sector investments in affordable and workforce housing from $87.8 million to $114.1 million. Affordable housing units will be also available to households with lower incomes than originally proposed. Approximately 100 existing multi-family building units will be retained, and existing senior housing entities will have the flexibility to expand facilities and programs. Additionally, proposed building heights have been reduced, and public open space is proposed to be added near Dora Kelley Nature Park.
The Beauregard Town Hall Meeting that was originally scheduled on April 2 will be moved to April 9 at 7 p.m. at the John Adams Elementary School, 5651 Rayburn Ave. The meeting was rescheduled so that the community could have additional time to review the revised Plan before the Town Hall. The Town Hall meeting is open to the public, and Spanish interpretation services will be provided. The revised Beauregard Small Area Plan is available for review online, and reference copies are available in Room 1900 at City Hall, Burke Branch Library, and Beatley Central Library. The public may also review a copy of the revised Plan at the Beauregard Town Hall meeting.

Civil War Balloon Corps Event at Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site, April 28


Did you know that the Union Army staged several military balloon ascensions in the West End of Alexandria early in the Civil War?    Learn about this little known aspect of Alexandria’s history and the Civil War Balloon Corps on April 28 in a living history program held at Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site.  The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is free to the public.  The program is weather dependent.
In 1861, a civilian Balloon Corps attached to the U.S. Army was organized to gather information on Confederate positions and movements from the sky.   Although aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe was appointed Chief Aeronaut to command the Balloon Corps, one of his competitors, John La Mountain, was responsible for conducting several balloon ascensions from Alexandria beginning in October of 1861.  
Fort Ward’s program will feature a reenactor portraying period aeronaut Thaddeus Lowe, who will discuss the use of aerial balloons for military surveillance during the war, and the local history of La Mountain’s balloon ascensions.   A highlight of the program will be a 19,000 cubic foot netted gas balloon similar to those used during the Civil War.  The theme of how technology of the time was used to advance military communications will also be interpreted by reenactors portraying telegraphers and members of the signal corps who will display equipment and present demonstrations.   Visitors can also tour the historic Union fort, which features the fully restored Northwest bastion, visit the reconstructed and furnished Officers’ Hut, and view Museum exhibits.
Fort Ward is the best preserved fortification in the Defenses of Washington, an extensive system of forts built to protect the Union capital during the Civil War.  The Museum offers changing exhibits, tours, lectures, and interpretive programs throughout the year.  Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site is located at 4301 West Braddock Road. 
For more information visit, or call 703.746.4848.

Monday, March 26, 2012

365 - Thank you

Thank you Benadryl (generic!) for helping us survive this spring!

Alexandria Experiences Historic Low in Part 1 Crime


MARCH 26, 2012 #12-011
Alexandria Experiences Historic Low in Part 1 Crime
The Alexandria Police Department reports that total Part 1 crime decreased by 1.6% or 58 offenses, in calendar year 2011.  This continues the trend of historic lows in Alexandria.  These are the lowest Part 1 crimes the City has experienced since 1966.  Homicide, burglary, larceny and aggravated assaults declined in 2011; while rapes increased by one offense, robberies increased by five offenses and auto thefts increased by 92 offenses.

Part 1 Crime Statistic (January 1 – December 31)
Crime Type




% Change
















Aggravated Assault















Auto Theft










   *After the 2010 annual stats were finalized, a sudden death incident was reclassified as
    a homicide.  Therefore, the revised 2010 homicide total increased from two to three.
“I am pleased to announce that the City of Alexandria experienced yet another historic low for crime in 2011.  Our success in continuing to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods is a direct result of the quality, hard work and dedication of our sworn, civilian and volunteer staff.  Our strong partnerships within the community, the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office and other City agencies are an integral part of the successful reduction in crime.  We remain committed to keeping crime low and maintaining a safe and vibrant community,” stated Earl L. Cook, Chief of Police. 

Results from the weekend DWI checkpoints


MARCH 26, 2012 #12-010

Alexandria Police DWI Checkpoint Results
Alexandria police conducted a DWI checkpoint in the 5800 block of Duke Street from 10:00 P.M. on Friday, March 23, to 6:00 A.M. on Saturday, March 24.  Vehicles were stopped and drivers were checked to assure that their abilities to drive had not been impaired by alcohol or drugs.
During the DWI checkpoint, 881 vehicles passed through and eight arrests were made for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).  In addition, 26 summonses were issued for miscellaneous traffic offenses and two people were charged with possession of marijuana.
Twelve Alexandria police officers, one Alexandria Sheriff’s deputy, two Parking Enforcement Officers and one Emergency Communications Technician participated in the DWI enforcement effort.
For further details, please call the Public Information Office at 703.746.6600.

Preschool Director Opening

Preschool Director - Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool (Alexandria, VA)

Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool is a non-profit Episcopal preschool founded in 1968. The Church provides a caring environment for the preschool, which serves a diverse population. The Preschool admits students without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.

Our preschool program is based on the philosophy that young children should learn through play and develop positive relationships with other children and adults. Our school day offers a combination of structured and free time in which children learn to feel good about themselves and to care about the feelings of others. 

Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool currently has 8 separate classes for children from 2 to 5 years of age. The Preschool uses 5 classrooms, 4 activity-based resource rooms, the worship spaces and large parish hall in the church building, as well as the outdoor playground. 

The Preschool is open from Labor Day until Memorial Day, with school holidays generally, but not exactly, matching those of Alexandria City Public Schools. The Preschool has a summer camp during the month of June. July and August have no scheduled school activities.

Position Description: The Director's position is part-time with duties spanning the entire 12-month year. These include, but are not limited to: providing leadership for a church preschool; supporting the outreach ministry efforts of the Church; maintaining a safe and secure learning environment; communicating with parents regularly and personally about their children; planning special programs and events throughout the year, including fundraising; contracting and supervising all staff; preparing and managing the budget; assisting with the transition of the children to both public and private schools in the area; ensuring the Preschool remains compliant with all applicable regulations of the city and state; and, most importantly, maintaining a sense of humor and perspective at all times.

The Director of Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool is directly responsible to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church Preschool Board, the Vestry and the Pastor.

• Preferred: Master's degree in early childhood education or a related field and/or administration, or B.A. in early childhood or a related field
• Required: Bachelor's degree, experience at a preschool in teaching and/or administration

Successful completion of a background check is required.

The Director position is currently open. We are looking for someone who could begin as soon as possible. Interested candidates should submit a resume to the attention of Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool Search Committee, 1608 Russell Road, Alexandria, VA 22301 or email it
Please see the Church website at for more information about the school.

Sunday, March 25, 2012