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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Help Save the Monarch Butterflies

via neighborhood listserve:

Help save the Monarch butterflies! Pickup free Milkweed seedlings (two per family) for your garden at the Del-Ray Farmers' Market on Saturday, May 10 from 8 a.m.-noon. Come and meet Sue Tate, a retired biology teacher who lives in Del-Ray and organized the Milkweed giveaway, and get information about creating a Monarch waystation. 

Rash of Thefts of Copper Downspouts

There have been reports of copper downspout thefts throughout Alexandria in recent weeks.  
The first reports were in Del Ray, then I heard about them on Stonewall, Timberbranch Parkway and now on Fontaine St.  

Apparently the majority of these thefts are happening in broad daylight, with a few reports of overnight thefts. 

Witnesses have described the suspect as a tallish (6 ft), white man with blondish hair.  
He drives a gold/gray older Camry-type car.   

The suspect detaches the downspouts and then folds them up and places them in the trunk of his car. 

Police reports have been filed and the police have been able to dust for prints.   
If you have any information or see anything suspicious, please call the Alexandria Police non-emergency number (703) 838-4444.