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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tennis Courts Given Approval to Go Ahead

Tennis Courts Given Approval to Go Ahead
Alexandria, Va. – Alexandria City School Board approved a contract to proceed with installing tennis courts at T.C. Williams High School on Thursday and crews are expected to break ground on the project after Thanksgiving.
The courts are anticipated to be ready for use by the start of the competitive inter scholastic tennis season in March, dependent on the winter weather.
Tennis coach and parent of two T.C. Williams tennis team captains Hank Harris said that although the tennis courts have been a long time coming, this is the start of a new era at T.C. Williams.
“I am excited that the T.C. Williams tennis teams and students, as well as the community, will finally be able to enjoy the tennis courts that they deserve. It has been quite a long process that I am happy to see coming to a positive end. I hope we can introduce tennis to new generations of kids in Alexandria who may have never had the opportunity,” Harris said.
When not being used for T.C. Williams’ classes, team training sessions and competitions, the courts will be available for members of the public.
“These tennis courts serve more than just the tennis team. Our students who are not at the competitive level can be exposed to a sport that provides the opportunity for learning team work and sports etiquette,” said Niandra Sinclair, T.C. Williams student liaison to the School Board.
School Board Chair Karen Graf said, “We are very excited about this project finally moving ahead. We have had to overcome hurdles along the way.”
The scope of the project has undergone many changes, including site relocation, the addition of lights and extensive buffering, since its original conception. As a result the original project budget was not sufficient to cover the total scope of work.
“Our School Board has been vigilant with our fiscal oversight of the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget since we took office. With the tennis court project, we were presented a situation which was not ideal. However, ACPS made a commitment to the community that it would go ahead, and now finally we are able to fulfil that promise,” Graf said.
In reviewing the CIP budget as part of a larger overall analysis of the budget, surplus funds left over from four well-managed projects were identified, and those funds were reallocated by the School Board to fund the tennis courts. In addition, funds were found from one project which was no longer required. The use of these funds does not detract from any other project awaiting implementation.
Superintendent Alvin L. Crawley said, “The unveiling of the CIP budget in December will show a new approach to planning and managing our projects. We are moving toward modernization and maintenance for our properties and applying proper and consistent account reviews.”

Alexandria Seeks Holiday Sharing Sponsors for Children, Families & Seniors in Need

City Seeks Holiday Sharing Sponsors for Children, Families and Seniors in Need

The Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) invites the public to help make the 2014 holiday season brighter for the most vulnerable members of our community – low-income families, foster children, and elderly and disabled residents ‒ through the annual Holiday Sharing program. During Holiday Sharing, sponsors purchase gifts for designated eligible families and individuals, which then can be delivered directly or distributed by DCHS staff and volunteers. Through gifts of household necessities, clothing, toys, and gift cards, Holiday Sharing helps ensure that no Alexandria residents are left wanting during the holidays.
Community volunteers have already registered 675 families in need of assistance and expect at least an additional 100 families to sign up through their caseworkers. Last year, we assisted 727 families, 220 senior citizens and persons with disabilities, and nearly 100 children in foster care, in the process distributing thousands of donated items, as well as $31,000 worth of gift certificates and grocery cards. We could not have done this without the generosity of the individuals and groups who registered as sponsors. Please join with your neighbors and friends to make a difference this season.

For more information about Holiday Sharing and how you can make a difference, contact Suzanne Kratzok at 703.746.5663, email, or visit our website at