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Monday, April 6, 2015

News and Info from Seminary Valley



After two cancellations due the snow, the BSVCA was finally able to present
the City speaker on the sewer project. You can review the PowerPoint (pdf)
of the presentation on our website, <> ,
listed right above the April Calendar. This is very informative and should
be reviewed by all residents; so please consider sharing the information
with a neighbor who may not have a computer. Homeowners should be receiving
letters soon from the City regarding this project and time lines. During
work on the sewer on individual blocks, residents will be requested not to
use water during that day. This includes turning off sump pumps. In order
to work in a segment of the sewer, water can not be running through it. It
is important that we are aware of and cooperate with requests from the
Department of Project Implementation (DPI) so that this project can be
completed in a timely manner and without any unwanted concerns.


Even though the weather impeded the work by VDOT, they are now moving ahead
with various aspects of the I-395/Seminary Rd. project. They have begun to
install the roadway posts for the noise wall, south of Sanger Ave. along N.
Van Dorn St. They began opposite Taney Ave. and planned to work north and
then south from there. However, they are working south from Taney and
generally install two posts per day when they are working. They anticipate
being substantially complete on that wall by the middle or end of April.
They are continuing to work on the remainder of the Auxiliary Lane, and it
should be closer to completion toward the Seminary Exit Ramp by mid April.
Once that is finished, they indicated that they would go back to the
sediment basin (opposite Hollandtowne Townhouses) and work south from there.
They planned to remove the basin at that time, too. However, VDOT is
currently working on removing the basin prior to completing the Auxiliary
Road. They indicated that the HOV Bridge project is progressing well and
that they anticipate finishing it and the Seminary Bridge replacement by the
end of September. The new pedestrian bridge will open before that date (in
early summer).