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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alexandria Police to Conduct DWI Checkpoint


On July 16, Alexandria police will conduct a sobriety checkpoint to deter and apprehend intoxicated drivers. The DWI crackdown will begin at 10:00 P.M. on Saturday, July 16, and will continue until 6:00 A.M. on Sunday, July 17. Motorists will be stopped and drivers will be checked to assure that their abilities to drive have not been impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Chief of Police Earl L. Cook reminds drivers that the maximum penalty in Virginia for the first conviction for driving under the influence is 12 months in jail, a $2,500 fine and a 12-month suspension of driving privileges. In addition, there are mandatory jail terms associated with these offenses, depending upon the blood alcohol content of the driver. Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles administrative fees may apply as well.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Community Lodgings Needs....

Community Lodgings has 4 homeless families moving into the program and are in
need of the following furniture for the apartments.
You will get a tax receipt for your donation and we'll pick up what you donate.
Please call Bonnie for more information 703-549-4407


2-Sleeper sofas

2-livingroom chairs

3-bedroom dressers

4-6-twin beds

6-diningroom chairs

9-plastic twin mattress covers

1-regular sofa

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Craft Activites for Christmas

As the summer rolls along and you find you need something for the kids to do, here's what we do - we get our craft on!  We start on our Christmas presents for family, friends, teachers and just about everyone!

some ideas ----- 

  • Collect rocks, wash them (that can take up an entire afternoon in the sprinkler!) and paint them.  Turn them into lady bugs, frogs, stepping stones, or some other wonderful creation for the garden. 
  • Paint boxes and decorate them with glitter, sparkles, stickers, and stencils for treasure chests
  • Take wooden dowels and make magic fairy wands attaching streamers, glitter and paint.
  • Get some Christmas ornaments from the craft store and paint them
  • Find some old tiles (or purchase one or two from the hardward store),  put handprints on them to make a trivet
  • Take terra cotta pots and paint them  - thumb print designs, handprints, whatever you want. Give them with a package of seeds. 
  • In the cheap bin at the craft store find photo albums and decorate the fronts of them with puffy paint, find pictures and fill them.
  • Also in the craft store, find some rubber stampers, use them on brown mailing paper or tissue paper to  make holiday or birthday wrapping paper.
  • Make soap - easy kits can be purchased at the craft store. let the kids decide the color and scent of the soaps. 
  • On the computer, create note cards or thank you notes, and print them out on card stock.

Happy crafting!
(Merry Christmas)

Theft from Porches in Rosemont - Update from the Alexandria Police Dept


Thank you to all of your responses and interest in these cases.

I want to let you all know that I charged the suspect with four counts of felony theft (of packages) for cases I could definitely prove against him. He was arrested on those warrants on Friday, July 1, 2011.

I obtained a search warrant for his home in Prince William County and a search warrant for his vehicle. Both were executed on July 5th. The home was that of hoarders (he and his girlfriend) making the search daunting. Nothing was recovered from the home regarding the described offenses and related property. I included your responses from the yahoo newsgroup in items for which to be searched.

I did recover from the suspect's vehicle a piece of property from one of the package thefts. This items was turned into police property as evidence and the owner was notified.

Additionally, I obtained a seizure warrant for the suspect's vehicle. I had the vehicle towed from Prince William County to our impound lot. The vehicle is now property of the City of Alexandria. I will let you all know the outcome of the cases he faces. He will likely also be directly indicted on cases going back several years.

Thank you for being alert neighbors. Please remember to report all offenses to which you are a victim and/or witness - even if is a suspicious event or person. If we don't hear from you, we don't know that anything occurred. Call the non-emergency number for these incidents (unless it is an emergency, of course): 703-838-4444. We also have an on-line reporting unit via the city website.

One more note: in the Fall - perhaps in September or October, I will be coming to a community meeting at the Mt. Vernon School (date and time to be determined) . I may also convene an additional meeting as warranted at a time/date and location to be determined later. Please advise if anyone has ideas or a desire to meet with me in a group-session to discuss area theft incidents further. I am a burglary/larceny detective primarily and am responsible for the quadrant of the city that includes Rosemont, Del Ray, Beverley Hills, Potomac Yards and the areas bordered by King Street west of the Masonic Temple to Quaker Lane to 395 to Route 1.

Det. Julie Goble

Detective Julie D. Goble / 1916
2003 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314
Main: 703-838-4711
Desk: 703-838-4082

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Christmas in July" in Old Town

The heat of summer meets Holiday cheer at the 2nd Annual Christmas in July Celebration in Old Town, July 15 – 17.   

About 15 retailers and community organizations throughout Old Town will host a variety of “holiday” themed activities either inside their store or along Union Street.  Events include pictures with “Summer” Santa & Mrs. Claus, historical tours, holiday trunk shows, food and wine tastings, cookie decorating, story time for tots, ornament making, arts & crafts, ice cream, paint your own nutcracker, green holiday home tips, fashion styling, pooch pictures, musical entertainment and much more.

The entire weekend will be filled with activities, raffle drawings, shopping/dining deals and holiday delights for all ages.

 A portion of proceeds from the weekend sales will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic.

Top of Form

2nd Annual Christmas in July Celebration on Union Street
Summer Weekend Filled with Family Friendly Holiday Activities
July 15-17, 2011

Alexandria Archaeologist
July 16– 10AM
Free historical tour of Union Street.
Meet at the corner of Prince & Union Street
Architectural Ceramics
July 15– 6-9PM
Evening Wine, Sweets, Cocktail Reception & Green Remodeling Presentation given by BOWA (By invitation)
July 16 - All Day
Open House, Slushies and sweets. Collection of unwrapped toys for "Toys for Tots"
203 S. Union Street
Ben & Jerry's
All Weekend
Ice cream special 4-7PM 3 Scoops for $3.
Kids Crafts
103 S. Union Street
Bike & Roll
All Weekend - $5 off a rental of 3+ or $10 off full day rental or a Historic Old Town guided bike tour for people who mention code:
1 Wales Alley
Encore Consignment Boutique
All Weekend – 20% off the entire store

July 17-

Fashion Styling/Scarf Accessorizing Demonstrations
110 S. Union Street
Firehook Bakery & Coffeehouse

105 S. Union Street
Historic Alexandria History Center & Museum Store
All Weekend - 20 % off entire purchase
101 N. Union Street
Old Town Coffee, Tea & Spice
All Weekend – 20% off ongift items and complimantary gourmet tea tastings.
215 S. Union Street
Potomac Riverboat Company
July 16-
Receive one free child's ticket (age 2-11) with a purchase of an Adult ticket.
Offer valid only for the Pirate Cruise or Alexandria Seaport Cruise.
Based on ticket availability. Can not be combined with any other discount.
To receive discount all tickets must be purchased at the ticket booth on July 16th.
205 The Strand
The Art League
All Weekend-
Offering hand painted Christmas ornaments at special pricing.
105 N. Union Street
The Christmas Attic
All Weekend-
Ornaments to Remeber Trunk Show

July 15 –6-9 PM
Festive Reception
July 16

Pictures with Summer Santa & Mrs. Claus.
Story time with Mrs. Claus
Bagpipe Strolling
2-3 PM Paint your own Nutcracker
2-4 PM Glenn Crider - Nutcracker Man
2-4PM Pooch Pictures & Pooch Artists

July 17
12-2 PM – Pictures with Summer Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Story time with Mrs. Claus
Bagpipe Strolling

2-3PM - Paint your own Nutcracker

2- 4 PM

Pat Palermino - local artist, showcasing unique ornaments and art.
125 S. Union Street
The Torpedo Factory Art Center
July 56 – 6-8PM
“Meet the Visiting Artists” Wine Tasting Reception

July 16 - Lisa Schumaier's Studio 10% off Nativity Sculptures
11:30AM- Artist workshop with Julian Parker-Burns
105 N. Union Street
Union Street Public House
All Weekend – Food & Beverage Specials

July 15– 6-10PM
Christmas Cocktail Party

July 16& 17– 12-3PM
Christmas cookie and ornament decorating for kids and adults
121 S. Union Street
The Virginia Shop
All Weekend – All pineapple merchandise 20% off, anything with a pineapple motif: towels, lanps, etc.
104 S. Union Street
Virtue Feed & Grain
All Weekend - Food & Beverage Specials and other holiday activities.
106 S. Union Street
Zoe Boutique
All Weekend- Offering 20% discount on regularly priced merchandise.
130 S. Union Street

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dogtopia’s 7th Annual Charity Dog Wash

Dogtopia’s Annual Charity Dog Wash will take place this Sunday,  July 17th.
Donations and proceeds will benefit local working and service dog organizations.    

In years past there have been presentations by Alexandria Police working dogs, exhibits and products by PetSage, a local holistic pet store, giveaways and more. 

A suggested donation would be at least the amount of a bath for your size dog. 

A little history behind this charity event from Dogtopia’s website: 
The first dog wash fundraiser was held in July of 2005 at the Dogtopia location in Vienna, VA with the goal of generating support The campaign's success led to the founding of a charitable arm, K-9 Support, Inc., to support working and service dogs of all kinds. Dogtopias nationwide have taken part in the effort, raising over $60,000 in donations for everything from infrared beacons for local police K-9s to deferring the costs of training service dogs.

The Alexandria Dogtopia is located at 1321 Colvin Street, off Duke Street.  (behind the CVS pharmacy, across the street from the Giant).

For more information on the event, please contact Dogtopia, 703-751-7387 or

Dairy Godmother will be selling Puppy Pops and Pops for this charity.

Comcast and the City of Alexandria's Outdoor Film Festival

Comcast and the City of Alexandria host the Annual Outdoor Film Festival this weekend, July 15th and 16th. 

Friday night, Avatar will be shown and on Saturday night, Mamma Mia

The films will be shown at the park at 1 Prince Street at 7:45 pm this Friday and Saturday nights.
Bring your own blanket and chair and enjoy the movies for FREE

Alexandria Salvation Army food pantry needs your help

located on the corner of E. Bellefonte Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue. 

Many of the items in the food pantry are getting low and we need as many donations as possible so that we can continue to give out food to our clients.
Thank you so much, we appreciate all of your constant and continued help. 

Here are the foods that are needed for the food pantry: 

·         Cans of fruit and also possible fruit packs of applesauce
·         Spaghetti Sauce
·         Dry Soup (ie. Ramen Noodles/Cup of Noodles)
·         Dry Milk/Cans of Milk
·         Lots of Tuna Fish
·         Bread
·         Eggs/Egg Beaters (small cartons)
          Macaroni & Cheese Boxes
·         Boxes of Rice (Assorted kinds...white/brown/flavored/etc)
·         Pasta and also wheat pasta
·         Canned Pasta (Ravioli/Spaghetti O’s/Etc)
·         Canned Vegetables (Greens, and Mixed Vegetables)
·         Instant Packs/Boxes of Mashed Potatoes
·         Peanut Butter
·         Jiffy Cornbread
·         Oatmeal
·         Baked Beans Cans
·         Soups needed: Vegetable

Items that we donate that our clients are asking for:
·         Eggs/Egg Beaters (small cartons)
·         Bread
·         Frozen Vegetables
·         Deli Meat and Cheese

Items may be brought to our building located at 107 E Bellefonte Avenue.
Thank you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday parties

Just a random thought (rant?), since I've been seeing so much about this on the neighborhood list serves asking about venues, activites, bouncy houses, who to hire, etc., for young childrens birthday parties.

Since when do birthday parties have to be such a big deal???
What ever happened to just having a birthday cake, make your own goodie bags, a craft of some sort, and some fun like treasure hunts, and playing outside? 
Since when did it become a day for spending more, doing more, inviting more, and a party for adults?   
The rule in our house has always been as follows:
  • No parties with friends/kids other than family until in kindergarten
  • you may have the number of kids for the age you are turning
  • no meals - just cake and ice cream - parties are either before lunch or after lunch and before dinner
  • we don't do activities until older - activities like bowling or movie
  • no sleep overs
Some of our party ideas/themes that we did, at home, are:
and sometimes we did the same theme for 2 years in a row or we re-used the theme for another child.  
  • Bugs - bug stickers, make bug catchers, find bug treasure hunt, toss the bug games, bug books,
  • Peter Pan - pin the hook on Hook, shoot off stomp rockets, treasure hunt
  • Pirates - dress up, build a pirate ship w/ legos, create pirate flags, treasure hunt, make a spy glass
  • X Games - all the outdoor games - biking, inline skating, street hockey, pinata,
  • trains - build trains, color trains, conductor hats, lantern goodie bags
  • Knights - make a knight from boxes, tubes, etc. and paint, play sword fights w/ nerf swords
I'm all for the good old fashioned fun that a small birthday party entails and I just don't get the "bigger is better" attitude. 

Alexandria Playgroups

The following playgroups are offered in the City of Alexandria.
The playgroups are for children age birth to age 4. 
These playgroups meet throughout the year but DO NOT meet during the month of August.

The playgroups are FREE and a few require pre-registration. 

These Playgroups allow you to:
  • Meet other parents
  • Learn about Resources in Alexandria
  • Guide your child’s play with other children
  • Provide structured socialization for your child


  • 11:15am – 12:15pm, Tower 2000 Building, 5800 Quantrell Avenue
     ** call to register, 703-746-6029


  • Play to Learn Playgroup: 10 am – 11:30 am, The Durant Center, 1605 Cameron Street
** during June and July this group will meet at the Head Start Building located at N. West Street and Cameron St.  


  •  Infant Toddler Connection:  10:00 am – 11:30 am, Nannie Lee Rec Center, 1108 Jefferson Street, ** call to register 703-746-3358
  • 10:15 – 11:15 am, Beatley Central Library, 5005 Duke Street,  ** call to register  703-746-6015


  • Play, Learn, Grow Together Playgroup, 10:00 am – 11:30 am, The Center for Alexandria’s Children, 1900 N. Beauregard Street


  • Chiquitos Playgroup – conducted in Spanish, 10:00 am – 11:30 am, Community Lodgings Family Learning Center, 607 Notabene Drive

  • Infant Toddler Connection, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm, Cora Kelly Recreation Center,  25 W Reed Street

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Listen to Audio Books on Your Next Car Ride

As you prepare for a long car trip or just need to get your kids off the television, video games or computer, there is a way to enjoy books without ever going to the library.  Books on tape can be downloaded right onto your laptop, iPod, iPhone or other listening device, through OverDrive, a global eBook and audiobook distributor.   

Here’s how it works: 

Go to your local library’s web site,
From the menu click on Overdrive, it should be on the main page and could be labeled audio books or e books. 
Download the OverDrive program onto your computer.  (The overdrive system uses the Microsoft® Windows Media Audio format)
Then begin searching for books you’d like to listen to and place them in your “cart”. 
**note - not all books or current releases are available on this system, so you will need to search for books under the overdrive program and NOT from the library’s card catalogue. 
You can check out as many as 10 titles at a time.
When you check out, you select how long you’d like to have the book(s), 7, 14 or 21 days. 
 If the book you’d like isn’t available, place a hold on it and you’ll be notified via e mail when your book becomes available.

Upon checking out, the selected title(s) download to your computer.
Then, if you want, you can transfer it to your particular mobile device. 
When your time with the book has elapsed, the title will simply "disappear" from your device.  No need to worry about overdue charges or trips to the library.
And if you need to more time because you haven’t finished listening to it, simply go into the system to renew it.    
Did you know that you can belong to multiple library systems?  You can get a free library card from most local jurisdictions - DC, Fairfax, Arlington and Alexandria.  So if one library system doesn’t have a particular book you’d like, check out another system. 

The best part is that this service, as with all other library services, is FREE.
But an even better feature is that you can use this service whenever it’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
I use this program/system all time, making sure we always have an audio book on someone’s iPod for car rides or for down time. My oldest uses this service to listen to English/Literature books throughout the school year.  And my younger child uses it for pleasure reading (listening). He has dyslexia and reading is extremely difficult for him. His comprehension level is much higher than his fluency, so ebooks allows him to "get" books that are of interest to him and on his comprehension level.