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Friday, February 14, 2014

Police Investigate Man Approaching Children

Police Investigate Man Approaching Children
The Alexandria Police Department is investigating two recent reports of an elderly man, with an older model green Subaru wagon, approaching children. One incident occurred on January 31, and the other a week later on February 7. The first incident occurred in the 400 block of Crown View Lane while a boy was walking his dog. The second incident occurred when two boys were walking home from George Mason Elementary. In both cases, the man spoke to unaccompanied children who did not know him. No crime was committed, and the man did not try to get the children to get in his car, or go anywhere with him. He spoke with the children and then left the area.
The man in question was a white male, approximately 60-70 years old, with gray hair. He drove an older model green Subaru wagon. The man has not committed a crime but police would like to speak with him.
The children in these incidents did the right thing. They told their parents that something happened that made them feel strange. Remind your children to never walk away with a stranger or get into a car of someone they do not know.
The Criminal Investigations Section is continuing to investigate these cases and anyone with any information related to these incidents may call or email Detective Ryan Clinch at 703.746.6673 or  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Heart of Del Ray Award - VOTE Now


The “Heart of Del Ray Award” is annually presented by the Del Ray Business
Association during the Valentine’s Day holiday to the business that serves as
the heart and soul of Del Ray.  First we want to thank everyone that nominated a business -- almost 40 wonderful businesses were nominated making it very tough to narrow it down to just five.  Many of you also expressed your continued strong support for past winners which is such a tremendous compliment to them and reaffirms how lucky we are to have such great businesses in Del Ray.  

Now we are excited that you, our neighbors, customers
and friends will be determining the winner of this prestigious award. 
Selection should be based on which business best
demonstrates their warm and welcoming attitude to the
community/customers, their commitment and generosity to the community, and
to their overall contribution to what makes Del Ray the best place in the world
to live, work and shop!  In other words, what business warms your “heart”
when you here its name?
We congratulate and are honored to list the following five businesses that have
been nominated for the “2014 Heart of Del Ray Award”:
1)       Del Ray Pizzeria     
2)       Holy Cow/PorkBarrel BBQ
3)       Mind the Mat
4)       St. Elmo’s Coffee Shop
5)       Taqueria Poblano

We ask that you vote for just one business
by logging on to the DRBA website at  -
the link to vote can be found on the home page at the end of the article entitled
“Heart of Del Ray Award”.  
You will be able to vote anytime between now and noon on Thursday, February 13th
Each household/computer can vote only once. Once votes are calculated and a
winner is determined, a large heart shaped award will be displayed on the winning
business on Thursday, February 13th, to greet them for the Valentine’s Day
holiday.  We will also notify the various list serves of the winner so you
can stop by and congratulate the winner.

Last year over 500 neighbors, friends and customers voted so we encourage you to
tell your neighbors to be sure and support their favorite nominee. A business
can only win once and we congratulate our past winners which include:  A
Show of Hands, Jen Walker McEnearney Associates, Bobi Bomar Homes of Alexandria,
The Neighborhood Pharmacy of Del Ray, and Greener Cleaner of Del Ray.  

Happy Valentine’s Day & be sure to shop for that special Valentine at one of Del
Ray’s many businesses!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Police Continue to Investigate Homicide

Police Continue to Investigate Homicide

Since the February 6, shooting, that resulted in the death of Ruthanne Ladoto, Alexandria Police have worked around the clock gathering information.

The release of the suspect composite on Friday generated an enormous number of tips; as a result the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is assisting the department with agents and analysts to help vet each and every tip.
Beginning tomorrow detectives and officers will be out in the community surrounding Ridge Road Drive speaking with residents and handing out flyers. Any law enforcement officer you encounter will identify themselves and have credentials. If you are apprehensive, call 703.746.4444 or 9-1-1 if you are in immediate danger.

Residents should continue to take standard precautions with their safety. Lock your doors and windows at all times. Be sure of who is at your door before you answer. Do not open your door for strangers. 

The Alexandria Police Department will keep the public informed as the investigation progresses. For the latest updates visit  Report any suspicious activity to 703.746.4444.