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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday in the hood

Things people have been talking about.......

Car break-ins are increasing in the City (including several of my neighbors). 
Cell phones, ipods, xm radios and GPS units are being stolen as well as loose change.  Remember to lock your car and don't leave anything in sight. 

Fed Ex and UPS packages are being stolen from front porches throughout the area.  Please watch out for your deliveries and if you can't be home, make sure a neighbor is around to pick up your parcel.

If your car is vandalized or a package has gone missing, please contact the Alexandria police, the non emergency # is 703-838-4444

And there seems to be an increase in door to door sales people or pollsters.  Some of these people may be legitimate others may be casing the neighborhood looking for homes where people may be on vacation.  Please be careful opening your door to strangers.  If you suspect the person at your door or walking through your neighborhood isn't legit, call the police non emergency #, 703-838-4444

If you are in your yard gardening, please make sure that your doors are locked.  I've heard that people are coming to the back doors of homes where they see someone in the front yard working.  They try to get in the back door and grab whatever they can. 

Please be careful out there.


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