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Monday, June 11, 2012


Another installment of what has pissed me off lately......
  • Grocery stores that change product location on the shelves or within the aisle, just when you got used to it. I know what I want and where it is then bam, it's moved and I have to actually search for it, taking me that much longer to get through the store.  
  • 1/2 days of school at the end of the yr.  REALLY!?!?  Let's just do one of two things - go the whole day or not go at all.  1/2 days stink for everyone!  (especially parents!) 
  • People that park and don't either pull all the way up to the sign or don't back up to the sign. You know the ones.  You could probably, almost, fit a car behind them or in front of them. And you know that you could fit another car along that curb/block if the front person and/or the back person parked properly. 
  • Parents that say they are going to contribute to or be involved in a class activity and then you never hear from them again.  No response to e mail, no returned phone call.  Hey, just say NO in the first place, then I won't count on you and I won't bug you! 
  • Highway signs that aren't completely accurate - yes there is a Burger King at this exit, it's just 2 miles down the road - NOT near the exit at all.  Or better yet, Chik-fil-A should post a reminder  that they aren't open on Sunday's so you don't take that exit thinking your getting some yummy chicken and then once there you remember, it's Sunday, dang it!  
  • Rest stops that have a food chain but not a complete or full service store - you think your going to be able to get a nice breakfast sandwich at Starbucks at the rest stop only to find out that they aren't allowed to be a warming store (whatever that means) and there are no other good/healthy options for breakfast food in the rest area.  
  • Why is gas cheaper in NJ?  AND they pump it for you!! (they wash your windows too and will check your oil if you ask them to) 
  • Why do people leave their dogs or kids in the car in a parking lot when it's so friggin hot out.  Really, would you sit in the car without air conditioning for even 1 minute? NO, so why should they.  

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