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Thursday, July 5, 2012

What pisses me off - storm edition

Here are some of the things I found frustrating during the storm last week -----

People that weren't  very neighborly - they didn't check on their neighbors, they didn't offer to help cut down the branch on/over the sidewalk, didn't offer an extension cord to those who still were without power, they didn't even speak to neighbors when they are out cleaning up after the storm.  What's the matter with you??  It's a time for everyone to pitch in and work together.
So next time there is a storm or issue in the neighborhood,  I doubt anyone will come help you.

People who don't understand the 4 way stop.  Really!? It's an easy concept!  And I guess I should mention the people that don't understand that if a traffic light is out, you treat it like a 4 way stop.  So many people were just blowing through darkened intersections.  It was scary out there!

And how about the people that were getting gas (and it seemed like everyone was), and would leave their cars in front of the pump and go into the store/mini mart to make a purchase?  I'm not talking about the people who did this while the pump was going with the nozzle in the tank.... no, the people that actually finished pumping and then left their car and went into the store.  Those people caused many to be backed up onto busy roads.  Common courtesy is that you pump your gas, move your car and then go into the store.

I know it was hot, fuses were short, people were fed up, but come on it's no reason not to be civil and helpful to those around you.

I hope everyone has their power back and is enjoying life with AC again.

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