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Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring grumpiness

Things that make me go argh....
(I've been saving a few of these up)

Gas stations that post a price on their BIG signs only to find out that it's the cash only price (it's in really small print), and you pay .10 more for using a credit card.  
Really, how many people pay with cash anymore?  OR just charge the same for cash and credit!

People who don't pick up after their dog!

Neighbors who are grumpy and don't even wave or speak to their fellow neighbors.   Would it kill ya to just say hi?

People who hit "reply all" all the time.  You should know better by now! (not like the whole e mail thing is new!)

People that don't pull their cars up enough at intersections - either not allowing you to get into a turn lane by just a hair or not tripping the light to change.  They usually aren't paying attention because they are texting or talking on their phones.

Neighbors who always speed through the neighborhood when they know kids are out playing, riding scooters and bikes.

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