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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best Holiday Lights in Alexandria

I was relying on my readers and followers for the best lights in Alexandria. 
Somewhat sadly, this is what I got:  

From @McDorchester -- on streets surrounding Mt Ida. Look for house on south side of Nelson, just east of Mt Vernon- always awesome


409 E. Nelson

Somewhat tacky :

from @lssonoda corner of Taney and Latham

1500 block of Russell Road (same place with the big Halloween display)

Big white house in 2500 block of King St. that has the white lights up everywhere but also has all the halloween decorations up too.

Very pretty white lights:  

corner of Commonwealth Ave & East Walnut St. (across from Grape & Bean). 

If you have any other suggestions please post them in the comments of tweet them to me.  

Merry Christmas

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  1. Check out North Paxton St. off Taney Ave. The whole street is done with lights!