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Monday, March 10, 2014

King Street Safety Petition


King Street Safety Petition

Dear Alexandria Residents, 

The residents along King Street between Cedar and Janney’s Lane need your help.  The city has recognized the issue of safety along this portion of King Street, but their plan of addressing it is flawed.  The plan can be found here (Http://  It calls for removing all of the on-street parking for the three blocks between Cedar St and Highland Place.

We disagree with this plan for the following partial list of reasons:
King Street is too narrow to accommodate bike lanes and the approx. 13,000 vehicles per day that travel this section of King Street going to/from Old Town. The City’s proposal shrinks traffic lanes by one foot - this two-lane roadway, already too narrow, is used by tractor trailers, buses, car carriers, emergency vehicles, and large delivery vans. Vehicles would creep into bike lanes, endangering the cyclists.
Proposed bike lanes would increase congestion on King Street due to lack of ability for vehicles to go around vehicles turning left onto the side streets, residents backing into driveways, vehicles stopping for pick-ups and deliveries, etc.
Maximum of 5 bicycles an hour during rush hour and even fewer during non-rush hours have been documented by residents -- not a convincing case for bike lanes
City proposal is confusing and will cause accidents: Biking enthusiasts have commented that the proposed bike traffic configuration on this short King Street stretch is confusing for both bicyclists and motorists
It is unlikely that bike lanes with so few bikes would have a traffic calming effect as the City claims-- on-street parking does have a calming effect and provides a safety buffer
Neighborhood would lose 27 parking spaces, which provide safe residential and commercial parking and access to homes.  Many homes do not have off-street parking that is accessible and useable. 
Safety will be compromised: Without a place to park, safety will be compromised when picking up and dropping off residents, including children going to school and the elderly and disabled.

What can we do about it?
1.     Please sign the on-line petition to reject the proposal located here: and include your address so that you count as a local who is concerned.
2.     King Street residents are in the process of finalizing alternate plans that provide safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike.
3.     Please attend the City Council Public meeting and sign up to speak or just be counted on Saturday, March 15th at City Hall (301 King St, 2nd Floor Council Chamber).  The meeting starts at 9:30 AM.  If you would like to speak, you must sign up at the beginning of the meeting and will have 3 minutes.
4.     Write City Council about your support for safety measures and against bike lanes for this stretch of road:703-746-4500  OR, at top right side use:  Call.Click.Connect
5.     Spread the word!!
Thanks so much in advance for your time and consideration.

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  1. I can understand being upset at the loss of parking. However, as someone who bikes King Street to the Metro almost everyday, very few people park on the street. At most I'll see 3 cars. So residents are going to loose some rarely used parking.

    And to argue that bike lanes would reduce safety and add congestion doesn't fly. I've never been biking along King and thought "Thank goodness there are no bike lanes. That would be really dangerous!" By giving bikes their own lane and removing them from the flow or traffice reduces congestion.