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Friday, April 4, 2014

News and Info from VA American Water


A couple things are happening this month with your water that you may be interested to know:

1. Our supplier, Fairfax Water, has temporarily switched disinfectants
until about August, so you may have noticed recently a stronger chlorine
taste or smell. This is safe and okay, but if you find it too much, the
smell and taste will dissipate if you fill a pitcher and keep it in the

2. Next week, we will begin our annual maintenance of water pipes by
flushing the hydrants in the City. This will take us two months. You may see
our staff next to an open hydrant. This once-a-year activity gives us a
chance to flush out sediment and test hydrants. It may make your tap water
appear cloudier - but that's just tiny air bubbles which will settle after a

3. Our annual water quality report is published and available now at
our website, if you'd like to view it. On the home
page, there is a picture on the right with a link "Water Quality Reports".
We have met all standards and have had no violations.

4. Next week, we will resume work we started last year to replace the
watermain along Henry street. There is a fact sheet at our website on the
project, if you click on the RED Alert Notifications link at the very top.

5. This fall, I believe in October, we will switch to monthly billing.
I think you are quarterly now, so this will help you budget better and alert
you to leaks faster.

That's all I have, and I won't post anything else for a while here - maybe
I'll post a reminder late summer about monthly billing, or if another
project comes up.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, we are too, and you can keep abreast of
whatever we're doing there, just search on vaamwater. We also have a
bimonthly newsletter you can receive via email. Let me know if you would
like to start receiving it and I'll send you the link to sign up. 


Samantha Villegas, APR
External Affairs Consultant

Virginia American Water

2223 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

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