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Thursday, September 25, 2014

George Mason Elem. School Principal asks for help


George Mason would like to ask the community for some help.

First, this week George Mason has experienced a significant increase of
neighborhood kids getting on the school roof in the evening. They are
crawling over fences to gain access. Besides trespassing and damaging
building equipment we are very concerned for the safety of these kids.

Please help us by:

1) Keeping an eye out if you around the building. If you see this
happening please call the police.

2) If you have middle or high school children make sure you know where they
are in the evenings. You may also consider asking questions to see if you
can find out any information! If you gain information you can let me know
by emailing

Second, George Mason is having new basketball hoops installed tomorrow
morning, Thursday, September 25. We have been told that we need to avoid
using the new hoops until Monday.

We will ask the city to "rope off" the new hoops but we need the community
to help us make sure everyone knows the hoops are off limits until Monday.
If you see anyone ignoring or going around the taped off area, please
gently remind them that the hoops are off limits this weekend.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe!

Mr. O (Principal, George Mason)

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