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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Help Make a Field into a Stadium


Alexandria Renew Enterprise—our water-reclamation company—is constructing an artificial turf field for the City at no cost in exchange for easements related to the construction of its new facility near the Eisenhower Metro.  This field will be equipped with lights, an underground parking garage, off-site parking, some bleachers, and restroom facilities.  For an estimated $600,000 from the City, this field could be made into a stadium that can showcase high school sports—such as football and soccer—by adding a sound system, scoreboard, press box, and more bleachers.  Building a stadium at this field would fulfill a current need at minimal cost to taxpayers and provide additional revenue to the Parks and Recreation Department, which can rent it out for tournaments.  The field is scheduled to be delivered to the City this October.
Please consider contacting the Mayor and City Council TODAY in support of this proposal to expand the field into a stadium (email addresses are below).  A meeting will be held tonight.
Thank you,
Bill Goff, Nan Jennings, and other members of the Seminary Hill Association, Inc.

Website for sending a group email to the Mayor and City Council:
Mayor Bill Euille                   
Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg
John Taylor Chapman        
Timothy B. Lovain                
Del Pepper                            
Paul C. Smedberg               
Justin Wilson                        

1 comment:

  1. How much do you want to bet that Seminary Hills Association will expect for TC's football games to be moved down there if this is built. Anything to keep black students and their families out of the neighborhood.

    How about we build TC's field into a stadium instead.