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Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Party Ideas

Looking for something to do with your child's class?  or just want to do play a few games with your are a few ideas

  • play hot pumpkin
  • pass the fake/rubber eyeball on the spoon
  • touch feel gross things -- 
    • carrot = finger
    • jello = liver
    • cooked pasta = intestines
    • peeled grapes =  eye balls
    • popcorn kernels = teeth
    • apricot = tongue
    • soft tomato = heart
  • wrap someone in toilet paper to make a mummy
  • make a scarecrow (you can use newspaper and fill newspaper bags for ams & legs) 
  • guess the # of candy corn in a container
  • make popcorn hands 
    • use plastic/clear gloves (the kind used in kitchens/bakeries) 
    • fill with candy corn for finger nails
    • fill with popcorn
  • undo a spider web - have each child get an end of yarn and follow it to undo a "web" 

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