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Monday, November 30, 2015

T.C. Williams Teacher "For the Love of Reading" Fund Needs Your Help

We are trying to get books in students' hands before an author visit in March. 

***For the next 3 days if donor's use the code SPARK their donation will be matched***

Thank you for your support!

For The Love Of Reading

My students need the book All American Boys so they can read about characters, places, and themes that reflect their lives.

My Students

For students who have yet to have books change their lives, they often don’t believe me when I say it has happened to me. 
While all the students in our school have access to the library, and plenty of them take advantage of the resources we have, some of them go home to book deserts.
This project aims to give them a book(All American Boys) that can be the beginning of their own library--something they can keep, write in, own. 

My Project

We are very excited to be able to participate in the NOVA Teen Book Festival and while we would love for all of our students to participate in the day’s activities, our targeted students would have no way of getting to and from the events of the festival. This project allows us to bring the festival to our students by bringing two young adult authors to speak at our school. We really want students to fall in love with Jason Reynold’s compelling stories, and we also want them to catch his vision--to believe their words can change people’s lives.
Bringing Jason Reynold’s to our school, and giving our students a chance to own one of his books and come to the author’s visit ready to really talk about it, could be the catalyst for getting some of our students to see themselves as writers.
And giving our students a chance to talk to him about his writing process could help them start to consider themselves as potential writers.

Here's the link: 

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